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Are you considering hardwood floor installation St Louis? Are your floors in need of hardwood floor refinishing St Louis? Do your floors require hardwood floor repair St Louis? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place.

At Hardwood Floor Refinishing St. Louis, we specialize in all areas of hardwood flooring. We know that hardwood floors offer a wide array of benefits to homeowners. Some of these benefits include:

Aesthetically- refinishing hardwood floors St Louis can create a room that is pleasing to the eyes. Hardwood creates a distinctly clean and classy look that cannot be found anywhere else.

Acoustics- hardwood floor installation St Louis significantly reduces hollow vibrations. With the removal of this type of pulses, better sound quality is produced.

Color- When you invest in hardwood floor refinishing St Louis, you are investing in a long-lasting color. Most hardwood stain will not fade over time, but instead, it will improve.

Durability- Hardwood flooring is the top choice for a multitude of homeowners because of its durability. Hardwood flooring is known for its ability to endure wear and tear, lasting for decades without issue.

Value- Various experts agree that homeowners tend to prefer hardwood floors. This preference increases the market value of your home when you install hardwood flooring.

Style- Hardwood floors never go out of style. As trends have come and go, the one consistent style is the natural beauty of hardwood flooring.

Health- Believe it or not, hardwood floors can improve the general health of the occupants of the home. Hardwood flooring helps to reduce allergens that affect the health of humans and pets. Carpets tend to trap these dust particles and allergens.

The above list is just a few of the fantastic benefits associated with hardwood floors. If you want to learn more about other services and benefits, contact us today or continue browsing our website.

Need St Louis Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

As a leading company in the hardwood flooring industry, Hardwood Floor Refinishing St. Louis is ready to handle all of your hardwood needs. Many homeowners are more than capable of handling most home improvement projects on their own.

However, we recommend a professional for St Louis hardwood floor refinishing because it will probably require sanding. If you have never used a professional sander, it can be dangerous and hard to handle. It is easy to sand the floor too much or too little.

If you choose to work with a professional hardwood flooring company, you also get the added benefit of the best hardwood options for your unique situation. We can also provide valuable information about how best to maintain your newly refinished or installed flooring.

When people choose to work with a professional, we understand that they want timely, honest, and respectful experts while delivering a top-quality product. Before choosing a flooring contractor, we suggest checking referrals and reviews.

We are ready to provide a variety of reviews and referrals about our excellent services. Another important aspect of wood flooring is quality materials. When you call us, we can offer a comprehensive list of our available flooring materials allowing you to do your research.

As wood flooring experts, we know that the cheapest option is not always the best choice. Home improvement services tend to give you what you pay for. If you choose the most affordable option, it may end up costing you more in the long run.

We offer a wide array of products with various price points. Our experts can help you choose an affordable option to meet your unique needs. For more information about us and our products, contact us today.

Expert Wood Floor Refinishing St Louis Wants

When choosing to refinish hardwood floors St Louis, it can be tricky making all of the associated decisions. Being a St Louis hardwood floor installer, we also understand the various choices to install a new hardwood floor.

Our expert technicians are trained and experienced to help guide you in making the perfect decision for your unique situation. We know that hardwood flooring is a popular choice for those who want a timeless look with a lot of charm.

One of the most important decisions to make about hardwood floors is the type of wood species. The strength of the wood depends on the type of tree. Wood flooring is harvested from a variety of different species of trees, including:

  • Rosewood- One of the newest hardwood strains, Rosewood’s unique grain pattern and varying color scheme make it an excellent choice for various styles.
  • Maple- Maple is one of the most durable types of hardwood. The grain pattern of maple is subtle and allows for more absorption of stains than other wood species.
  • Ash- Ash is one of the most affordable wood species on the list and has 45 to 65 different strains.
  • Oak- With various colors, Oak resists wear and tear better than others on the list.

These four types of wood species are just a few that you can when installing hardwood floors. For more information about hardwood floor refinishing St Louis MO, and our other available services, contact one of our expert technicians today.

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Need To Refinish Hardwood Floors, St Louis?

Wood floor refinishing St Louis has become popular in the last few years because dull and scratched floors can be restored. With refinishing services, a homeowner gets a wide array of benefits. The benefits of hiring a professional hardwood floor refinisher include receiving a full range of services.

You can take advantage of a wide array of options when hiring one of our experts. If you are looking for a particular look or style for your hardwood floors, we provide an assortment of options to meet your unique needs.

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled in using the right equipment and tools for the project. Our company strives to provide courteous and friendly customer service at all times, and our training reflects that goal.

We can handle any project from a major restoration to minor hardwood floor repair St Louis. After your refinishing is complete, we can also offer you the proper care and maintenance to keep your floors looking new. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our hardwood floor refinishing experts.

Looking For Hardwood Floor Installation St Louis?

One of the first amenities home buyers look for when purchasing a home is hardwood flooring. If your current home does not contain hardwood floors, it is not always affordable to install new flooring. However, hardwood flooring can pay for itself over time.

Before purchasing new hardwood flooring, we can provide you with an assortment of vital information to help you choose the best option for your unique situation. For example, most non-specialists do not know that hardwood flooring comes in three varieties, which are:

  • Strip- The strip variety comes in 1 ½ to 2 ¼ inch wide strips.
  • Plank- This type of flooring is much broader than the strip variety.
  • Parquet- Parquet flooring comes in individual squares, which create a geometric pattern.

We can also provide all of the advantages and disadvantages of installing hardwood floors. For example, one of the best benefits of hardwood floors is durability. When cared for properly, hardwood flooring has lasted for hundreds of years.

One of the most significant disadvantages of hardwood flooring is it can be costly. For more information about the advantages, disadvantages, or any other information, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Expert Hardwood Floor Repair In St Louis

One of the most beautiful aspects of a home can be the hardwood floors. This flooring type can make any room look cozy, warm, and sophisticated while adding value to your home. However, new hardwood installation can be expensive, so it is vital to know when to undergo hardwood floor repair.

One of the best times to repair hardwood floors is when you are remodeling or buying new furniture. If you are moving furniture in and out of the room already, it is the perfect time to repair your floors. The floors can be fixed after the old furniture is gone but before the new furniture is placed.

The best time to repair hardwood floors has been a consistent argument among experts. If the new boards are installed during the summer, they may shrink during the winter. If the new planks are installed during the winter, they may expand in the summer.

The perfect time for repairing hardwood floors is when the humidity is between 35 percent and 60 percent to achieve an excellent fit. The moisture in a home is only one factor to consider when repairing hardwood floors. For more information about hardwood floor repair, give us a call today.

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When discussing new hardwood floor installation, repair, or refinishing, it can be an overwhelming experience with such a wide variety of materials, styles, and designs to choose from. Contacting a professional hardwood floor expert can help provide peace of mind.

When you contact us, we can save you time and money. If you were to do a new installation yourself, it would take you approximately two to three days of solid work for a 300 to 400 square foot area. As professionals with experience, we can do the same room for less time, saving you money and time.

As professionals, we can also help you to avoid the common DIY mistakes that non-specialists make. Sometimes the simplest mistake can have significant impacts. One of the most common mistakes is sanding too much or not sanding enough. Give us a call today to learn about other benefits of hiring a professional for your hardwood floors repair, installation, and refinishing needs.