It can become complicated when choosing hardwood floors for your home or office because of the available quality products and options. When you contact us, we can answer all of the most common questions our customers ask.

One question our customers ask frequently is why choose hardwood floors. Most professionals would explain that wood floors instantly add value to the home or office. These same floors will also promptly add beauty to any room in the house.

Wood floors are also known for providing an allergen-free indoor environment for those who suffer from allergies. Another excellent benefit of hardwood flooring is it is renewable and recyclable, which can help the environment.

We often hear if structural factors need to be considered when choosing a particular wood floor. When you contact us, we will evaluate the room’s moisture levels and grade before recommending a specific type of wood.

For example, if a room is below ground level, engineered wood is the best choice. Engineered wood is also the better choice if the room is considered a high-moisture area such as a kitchen or bathroom. Another key factor when discussing hardwood floors is the subflooring.

For answers to all of your hardwood floor questions, give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. You will not regret getting advice from a professional hardwood floor installer, refinisher, and repairer.

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