Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood Floor Installation St Louis

When choosing hardwood floor installation St Louis, a professional St Louis hardwood floor installer will offer you a wide array of choices. These choices include over 20 species of wood. Some of the most popular species include hickory, oak, black walnut, and birch. Each type of species comes with various unique qualities.

With this array of choices, some individuals appreciate professional guidance. We can help you with all aspects of hardwood floor installation St Louis. Our experts can also help you choose the best species for your unique situation based on style, cost, and durability.


When thinking about durability, you must consider your lifestyle. If you like to throw parties or have pets, harder wood is vital. However, if you are more concerned with your hardwood floors’ staining ability and color, you should choose a softer species. Each wood species is measured using a hardness scale, meaning the higher the hardness rating, the more durable the species.


When determining the hardwood-style you would prefer, we typically suggest looking at the color, finish, and texture. Most experts agree that hardwood floors are timeless. However, these types of floors still go through trends like everything else. The best way to choose hardwood flooring is to consider your personal style, lifestyle, and your budget and work from there.

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Hardwood can be pricey, but it does increase the value of your home. We can help you pick an inexpensive species for your particular needs while maintaining the wood flooring planks’ durability and style. If you are considering hardwood floor installation, give us a call today.