Hardwood Floor Repair


Hardwood Floor Repair St Louis

Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable, versatile, and classic choices for flooring. However, even the most durable wood is not invulnerable to the damage caused by wear and tear, children, pets, accidents, and aging.

Wood flooring is capable of undergoing a variety of different types of hardwood floor repair St Louis. This repair capability allows the older panels to be restored to their original natural beauty. Hardwood floor repair St Louis can save you the entire floor replacement cost depending on the damage.

Some typical repairable wood floor damage includes cracks and gaps. Cracks in wood are generally a result of the loss of natural oils. The loss of natural oils causes the wood to dry out and begin cracking. When first looking at cracks in hardwood floors, it can appear to be a severe issue.

However, unless the crack splits an entire plank, we are capable of restoring the section. If the crack breaches the whole plank, we will typically have to remove the individual floorboard and replace it with a new plank.

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As hardwood floors age, the planks can shift and create gaps. The most common culprit of gaps is moisture intrusion. However, the floor’s levelness and the foundation’s integrity can also cause gaps in your flooring.

With our years of experience and training, we can assess the gaps in your hardwood floors with ease. We will determine if the gaps are from seasonal shrinkage and expansion or if you have a moisture issue that needs to be eliminated. To find out more information about hardwood floor repair, call us today to schedule an evaluation appointment.